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Future of Google Voice Gateway

May 20, 2018

Future of Google Voice Gateway

Google Voice representatives have published a note stating that XMPP connectivity to Google Voice — the method we are currently using — will be shut down on June 18. Read the short announcement here.

We are beta testing an updated Google Voice Gateway that will work with Google Voice’s new SIP interop. After testing, if successful, this update will be rolled out to all GVGW users without any intervention necessary, on or before June 18.

Besides allowing us to continue service beyond the XMPP shutdown date, this should alleviate some of the connectivity problems a number of users have reported.

There is the chance that the beta test will bring to light a show-stopping issue. If we are not able to use the new SIP interop with Google Voice, the gateway service will not be able to continue beyond June 18.

Further updates will be posted here as we continue testing and planning.

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