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GVGW beta and planned conversion process

June 14, 2018

GVGW beta and planned conversion process

Beta testers have helped us to find and solve bugs in the new system. There are still a few that remain and those are being worked on.

We anticipate that Google will stop the XMPP-Google Voice connection this Monday, June 18. If that happens, existing Google Voice Gateway cloud servers will be replaced with new servers running the new code.

IP addresses should not change and there should be no major changes needed on user equipment. Your “Google Chat” entry in Google Voice settings will go away and you will instead see an encoded SIP URI that represents Google Voice Gateway.

The new GV connection allows G.711µ and Opus codecs. GSM is no longer supported. If you experience problems placing or receiving calls please be sure that you have G.711µ enabled, and optionally, Opus (if available). Also, if your device specifies a packetization time, be sure it is set to the standard value of 20 ms. (Some Cisco/Linksys devices default to 30.)

Please expect the possibility of disruptions and be patient. Please DO NOT E-MAIL. If you have lingering problems after the conversion process is complete (announced here), please post in the forum at support.simonics.com.

If everything goes well over the next week we will re-open sign-ups for new users.

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