Cloud PBX Images

Cloud PBX Images

Simon Telephonics offers the following FreePBX Distro installers supporting Sangoma commercial modules

Azure Marketplace Microsoft Azure

Our Azure VM of FreePBX 16 makes it easy to add FreePBX to your existing Microsoft Azure environment. Launch it from the Marketplace or directly from Add Resource in your Azure portal. This VM is commercial-module ready and launches to the out-of-box experience.

FreePBX 16 dashboard Amazon Web Services

Our Amazon Machine Image provides a simplified launch process for FreePBX 16, supporting Sangoma commercial modules, on the Amazon Web Services platform. Intended for systems administrators who are familiar with AWS as well as FreePBX, Simon Telephonics’ offering is less than half the running cost of other offerings and includes limited e-mail and ticket support.

DigitalOcean One-Click DigitalOcean

Our DigitalOcean One-Click Install gets you up and running almost instantly with FreePBX 16 on Enterprise Linux supporting Sangoma commercial modules. DigitalOcean is an excellent platform for hosting VoIP-related projects and this image is available to you at no extra cost beyond that of the droplet subscription.