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Open Source

SMS Connector for FreePBX/PBXact 16

Follow the discussion of our SMS Connector open-source FreePBX module on the FreePBX Community Forum.

SMS Connector is a third-party SMS provider module for FreePBX 16

FreePBX offers SMS and MMS functionality through UCP (User Control Panel) and the Sangoma Connect softphones. This integrates tightly with Sangoma number services (SIPStation and VoIP Innovations) but until now there have been no open source modules allowing integration with third-party providers. The aim of this module is to provide a generic, expandable connector, with new providers added as contributed by the community.

Read more, download the module, and learn how to contribute to the project either with module enhancements or new SMS providers on our Github repository.


User Interfaces

SMS in UCP SMS in the User Control Panel

SMS in softphone SMS in the Sangoma Desktop Phone

SMS in mobile softphone SMS in the Sangoma Talk mobile app

Admin Interface

SMS Connector module SMS Connector presents a simple configuration screen for assigning DIDs to users