Sangoma PBXact & FreePBX Sales, Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance

Sangoma Silver Partner Simon Telephonics is a Sangoma Silver Partner for open-source PBX solutions FreePBX and PBXact. We work with both cloud-hosted and on-prem phone systems. We recommend cloud-hosted FreePBX for businesses that have basic phone needs and PBXact for businesses that are operating call centers, require on-prem PBX hardware, or have large deployments of softphones.

Monitoring and Maintenance

open source monitoring

We offer ongoing monitoring and maintenance for phone systems we have installed and configured. Set it up yourself but want to be out of the business of PBX maintenance? We can monitor and maintain your Asterisk- or FreeSWITCH-based phone system.

Microsoft Teams PBX Connectivity

Microsoft Partner Using our custom-built SBC solution, we connect your phone system to Microsoft Teams using Direct Routing. Now your Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile clients are part of your PBX and can be used like ordinary phone extensions.

Simon Telephonics is a Microsoft Partner with expertise in Microsoft Teams; we can provide the licensing you need to add Teams to your PBX as well as perform the required configuration on both the Microsoft Teams admin console and on your Asterisk- or FreeSWITCH-based phone system.

Diagnostics, Troubleshooting, and Getting Back Online

SIP capture and analysis

Sometimes you just need a little help to solve a single problem. Our expertise in SIP can help you navigate a SIP capture and our twenty years experience with Linux systems administration can help you out of server trouble.


FreePBX upgrade rescue