Teams Calling for FreePBX

We are excited to announce our Microsoft Teams integration for FreePBX. Teams is the perfect compliment or replacement of your desktop phone and is a secure mobile softphone. Microsoft/Office 365 organizations know the value of Teams; integrating with FreePBX brings that value to the next level.


  • Teams desktop, mobile, and web as an integrated extension of FreePBX – use your existing extension numbering
  • Secure calling from any device – Teams calls use TLS and SRTP encryption
  • A single secure trunk from the Teams gateway to your PBX – no need for VPN or other allowances for mobile users

With our integration, you keep all your FreePBX features and your preferred SIP provider. Other Teams calling solutions require you to use Teams as your PBX or change your calling plan. Optionally, you can enable Teams phone system functionality such as voicemail if you prefer to use it instead of FreePBX’s voicemail.

How does it work?

Your Teams users are licensed for Microsoft Phone System, an add-on license to most Microsoft/Office 365 plans, or included in the E5 plan.

We configure the Simon Telephonics Teams Gateway in your Microsoft tenant or provide do-it-yourself instructions for those who are familiar with the process.

A secured (TLS/SRTP) SIP trunk is configured from your FreePBX to the Simon Telephonics Gateway. PJSIP is required.

New extensions are created in the FreePBX Extensions module for each Teams user you wish to add. These extensions can be joined to ring groups, receive calls directly via Inbound Routes, called from traditional SIP extensions, and so on.

You use your new Teams extensions like any other FreePBX extension, placing or receiving calls on your desktop, browser, or mobile Teams client!

How much does it cost?

Organizations must secure their own Microsoft Phone System licensing through their Microsoft partner or reseller. If Phone System is not included in your plan (included in E5 only), the cost per seat is $8 (MSRP).

We customize subscriptions to our Teams Gateway service according to your organization’s size and needs.

How do I get started?

Contact us at +1 814-808-5120 (call or text) to set up a consultation.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.